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An outline description of services offered: 

  Tutored Wine Tasting Workshops; plus lunch at Langwathby Station Cafe-Restaurant, Langwathby, Penrith, Cumbria (Bookings essential ) on Saturdays, the next one will be on Saturday 6th June 2020. 

The theme will be the wines of Southern Italy, including Sicily and Sardinia. The Lunch menu will appear on the Langwathby Station Facebook page and on this page and with the Wine list on the Wine Workshop page 


The Burgundy event (Sat. 8th Feb.) was a great success with 22 people having a memorable day.  The food was excellent and the wines were lovely especially the Savigny-les-Beaune which was the star of the show.  It was a very elegant Pinot Noir from the Cote D'Or.  Whatever qualities a  wine needs to be described as having 'finesse', this Savigny had them all - in spades!  

(Purchased at Grahams in Penrith, £25.00)


 Saturday 6th June 2020

The wines of southern Italy including Sardinia and Sicily. Book early to avoid disappointment!

For private parties:: Tutored Wine Tastings for Birthday Celebrations, Anniversaries, Hen Parties etc.

For  groups, including Wine Appreciation Clubs and Corporate Entities: Wine Tuition , Tutored Wine Tastings, Wine Weekends and Vineyard Tours Abroad.


This picture was taken by me, in glorious sunshine, just after a wine tasting and cellar tour at the Santana Vineyard near Lisbon, Portugal. 

It epitomises the expression, "Wine is bottled sunshine!" 

Welcome, you have reached  the web pages of Lake District Wine Tastings, Wine of Course and The Northern England Wine Tasting School.  These are all  trading names of Peter D. Edwards: Member of the Association of Wine Educators.


This background picture is of Derwentwater, the  most picturesque lake at the heart of the Lake District National Park. It was taken by me on my smart phone.​



Member of the Association of Wine Educators

UPDATED:   FRIDAY 14th February, 2020

Currently enjoying a lovely Cote du Rhone from the Wine Society. We joined after a great tasting with Peter in Appleby (Cumbria). Thanks again, you've inspired us and our palates

James Muir Hopkins

(On Northern England Wine Tasting School, Facebook Page) Natalie's Bithday Wine Tasting :  

The Friary,  Appleby-in-Westmorland.

 Note: James's family live in London but Natalie' s family live in Edinburgh so Appleby-in-Westmorland was chosen as a suitable half-way house. The facilities were excellent from what I could see and I would certainly recommend The Friary (Holiday Property) for large groups. 

(1)An excellent presentation from a wine educator who really knows his stuff. 

(2)Wonderful evening thank you given by a first class presenter, a true professional

(1) D.W. Greenwell

(2) Anon

Comments made on Feedback Forms following a tasting of Australian wines for members of The Keswick Wine Circle.

Note: I enjoy giving Australian Wine Tasting presentations, or showing an individual Aussie wine as part of a wider selection.  I know Australia fairly well having lived in Perth, Western Australia and Melbourne, Victoria.  

I have also travelled widely in Australia, having adventured from Perth, across the Nullarbor Plain, in the days when there was no sealed road for 1,000 miles, just pot-holed cable-stitch tracks in the red shale via Kalgurli, Norseman, Euc Ceduna, Port Augusta, Adelaide, Ballarat, to Melbourne  On separate trips I've visited Canberra, Sydney and Brisbane, and more obscure places like Lakes Entrance, Bright, Cooma,  and Mount Buffalo.

The presentation finished with an appropriate poetry reading by Mr Edwards. The society greatly enjoyed a less usual selection of wines presented with outstanding expertise and knowledge which transported members to the actual vineyards as though in the presence of the individual winemakers

Bryan C. Lindley;

Wine Appreciation Society of Penrith

The final paragraph of an article in the Cumberland and Westmorland Herald Newspaper giving an account of the monthly (January)  wine tasting held at the Roundthorn Hotel, Beacon Edge, Penrith; entitled 

'Wine-lovers get a taste of "Summer Sunshine" 

Note:  When presenting a Sherry from Andalusia, I love to recite a magical poem which captures the essence of a Sherry Bodega. The first few verses go like this: 

"White arched in loops of silence the Bodega lies drowsed in spices, where the antique woods, dripping years of flavour,  distil their  golden  fumes among the shades.

In from the yard where barrels under fig trees, split staves of sunlight from the noon's hot glare, the tall stork comes, black stilted, sagely witted, wiping his careful beak upon the air.

He is a priest-like presence, he ascribes, sharp as a pen, his staid and written dance, skating the floor with stiffened plumes behind him, gravely off-balance. solemn in his stance"

"Drunk ..."

If you include a sherry in your wine tasting event, I'll recite the whole poem!  (Composed by Laurie Lee) 

My Lake District Celebration Wine Tastings are unique  bespoke events, themed and tailored  specially for your group.   Each wine is selected by me personally; a Wine Educator with over 20 years experience as a Wine Class  tutor and presenter, and as a Vineyard Holiday Organiser and 


 The venues for these tutored wine tastings can vary from  rented Holiday Properties, Hotels, and Village Halls, to your own home or Holiday  Property. More and more people are coming to the English Lake District  for a Celebration family get-together in which a special wine tasting is the central highlight. 

You can be sure that your own special Celebration event  which I shall present personally, will be  fun, enjoyable, interesting, informative, and memorable.

6  different wines; prices vary from  £250.00   for groups of 6 to 8 people.

    8 different wines: prices vary from £280 for groups of 6 to 10  people, + £25.00 p.p. for additional persons.

For a Tapas style wine tasting, please contact me for details.  

Prices quoted  for Celebration Wine Tastings include 1 bottle of sparkling wine and your choice of white, rose, red and sweet wines of character and high quality.


Wine Quiz at the end, with a bottle of wine  for the winner:  £25.00 extra.

To Book and Reserve a date for your event

When booking and reserving a date for a private wine tasting event, a deposit of £140.00 is required, The whole day is reserved and the starting time can be chosen, at a later date, to suit you, (Any time from 11.00 am to 7.00 pm)  The duration of tastings vary but you should allow for a minimum of two and a half hours. Two weeks prior to the tasting the balance is due. This will be £110.00 for 6 wines for 6-8 people, plus any extras or £140,00 for 8 wines plus £25.00 per person in excess of 10, plus any additional items. To check dates and availability, or any other queries you can speak to me personally / or leave a message and your phone number, on 01768 889101.


In a vineyard Tasting Room

This is the tasting room at Domaine Michel, a wine producer at Vire-Clessey in the Maconnaise.


Lake District. The 'thinking women's' Hen Party Wine Tasting

 Celebration Wine Tastings in your rented holiday property

My Lake District  Celebration wine tastings are suitable for groups of 6 or more...... Special Birthdays, Retirement or Anniversary Parties, the 'thinking woman's' Hen Parties, or just 'get-together' parties for family and friends. Situated  half -way between John O'Groats and Land's End, the Lake District can be a very convenient venue as well as a world-class destination.

Wine Weekends  in Cumbria

Lake District Wine Weekends

For Wine Clubs, Wine Appreciation Societies, and Wine Circles I can offer Residential Wine Weekends. These are usually held by arrangement with the Westmorland Hotel, Orton, Penrith, Cumbria. Contact me for information.

Vinyard and Winetasting Holiday

Wine Tasting Vineyard Tours abroad

For Wine Clubs and Societies I also offer bespoke Vineyard and Wine Tasting holidays in France and Italy Over the past 25 years I have arranged 10 such holidays to Alsace, Champagne, Burgundy, Loire Bordeaux and Tuscany. Please Contact me for information.

For the Corporate Sector I also offer these and similar events. Please contact me for more details

The above picture is showing the Count Alaine la Guiche d'Arlay (fourth from the  left) and members of the Cumbria Wine Society outside the Chateau where we had a great wine tasting of his Jura wines, on a side trip to Arbois, during a vineyard holiday in Burgundy.

NEW! ​Wonderful Wine Workshops


The Ribblehead Viaduct on the Settle-Carlisle Railway, between Horton in Ribblesdale and Dent

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