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The "Thinking Woman's" Hen Party

It's the 14th February 2020  -  St Valentine's Day!  Romance is in the air!  Spring is in the air, too! Planning to get married ... thinking of the wedding?  Oh! so many things to think about!. It won't be long before you start thinking about a Hen Party, too. 

Well, may I offer you a few words of advice? Yes, I know, I'm a mere male - what do I know?  Well, I've been to several dozen Hen Parties and that's more than any man I know. In fact the only two men I've met who attended a Hen Party were the father of the bride-to-be and her husband-to-be!  The plan was that they were attending a sporting event while the female members of the family and female friends were having a "thinking woman's" Hen Party wine tasting.  However, I think they must have caught sight of the wine menu, as they changed their plans, snaffled a couple of glasses, and made themselves scarce at the back. They were no trouble. They were well outnumbered, of course! 

There are many different types and styles of Hen Party, which is why I call mine the "thinking woman's" Hen Party.  For a start you want to have a great time at your Hen Party, and so do your friends (and family members, too if they are invited!)  Either way, a wine tasting, of good quality, interesting wines, never fails to please all ages.     

Each and every one of my wine tastings is tailor made, using high class wines of character; wines that have an interesting story to tell. At one Hen Party, the bride-to-be asked for a tasting of the wines of Provence and the Rhone valley, as she said they would be spending their honeymoon there. On that occasion we had some excellent Provencal Rose and Rhone Valley red wines. 

At another, the bride to be was so taken with Sorrento and Amalfi that she wanted to spend her honeymoon there and also get married there!  Naturally, the wines on that occasion were to be chosen from in and around Campania, the Neapolitan province of Italy. And they all were; except for one wine from Sardinia. I said I'd included it because she would be looking out, across the sea towards Sardinia in a few weeks, from the balcony of her honeymoon suite! 

To my mind, for a memorable event, memorable wines are essential. So, I avoid using ordinary 'run of the mill' wines.  Usually we taste a selection of from 6 to 8 wines and I spend a few minutes talking about wine tasting techniques.  Knowing what to do and how to do it will double your enjoyment not just during the wine tasting, but forever more.  I also talk about the labels and how to make sense of them  I talk about food and wine pairing.  This information can be useful when entertaining  guests  or celebrating special occasions at home.    Then there are the stories: the charming and  interesting tit-bits of information about the wines, often humorous; and the culture and history.  Wine is Geography and Science in a glass but it's also poetry and mystery, too!


It's all great fun, and very relaxed, but participants will also get to know some practical tips about food pairing. and how to choose wines to buy!

So, consider having a "thinking woman's" Hen Party weekend in a Lake District holiday property of your choice. There are thousands to choose from in some of the most picturesque and idyllic surroundings in the world. I should know as I've lived abroad and travelled the world. I've been to many fantastic places, crossed the Australian desserts and climbed in the Southern Alps, sailed along the Barrier Reef, climbed Volcanoes in New Zealand, marvelled hte wonders of Rotorua, been to Hong Kong and Singapore, Sri Lanka and Mumbai Aden, Cairo and Naples, Gibraltar and Lisbon, Paris, Brussels, Maastricht, Cordoba, The Dordogne, the Ardenne, Florence, Siena, Venice, the isle of Elba, the isle of Arran, all over Switzerland, Austria, Croatia, Montenegro, Luxembourg, Cyprus, Ireland, Romania, Outer Hebrides, and I have never experienced a better place than the English Lake District.  Some places are bigger, grander, some are even more dramatic, some places even come close to being as good as the Lake District, but nowhere is better. The Lake District is magical, exquisite and sublimely beautiful. Make sure that your Hen Party is truly enjoyable and memorable.  Please don't hesitate to contact me for information or advice.

Lake District Hen Party

Lake District Hen Party Wine Tasting

The Bride-to-be accepting her prize for winning the wine quiz, at a very successful Lake District Hen Party Wine Tasting.  It was held in a spacious holiday property in Eskdale, Cumbria. (Western Lake District).

I've probably been to more Hen Parties than any woman I know, too.  

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